Greek Island Beach Villa - "Sapounohoma"

Lifestyle at our Beach Villa....

We do the shopping, the food preparation and the cleanup 
You go to the beach......

As a Greek Holiday Villa, Sapounohoma offers a very informal atmosphere yet with the amenities that you would want to make sure that you will feel at home immediately upon arrival.

Featured amenities include:

Individual Rooms
Five Bedrooms - Each room is uniquely decorated 
Three Bathrooms - Five Showers (two outside)

Common Areas
Fully equipped, modern kitchen
Six separate outdoor verandas with spectacular views

And, just in case you need to re-enter the work world to get something done, we have a wireless high speed internet network available to you.

 Our Villa Hostess provides:

Daily room cleaning
Laundry Service
Grocery Shopping
Breakfast Preparation
Lunch Preparation

Dinner Preparation/Babysitting available by separate arrangement with Hostess

Summers at Sapounohoma Greek Beach Villa are all about living life. Things are simple at this Greek villa.  Some necessitated by the fact that this villa was built 40 years ago by a Hippie who wanted to get away from it all – and did. He built it from surrounding natural materials and did a beautiful job. Since then the house has been a year-round home to an artist couple until only a few years ago.

This greek holiday villa is "Green" The electricity and hot water is solar powered and we are not connected to public services. We have installed a complete solar power array and produce all of our own power - the Greek sun gives us plenty of power to power our guests' needs!

We wake to the sunshine of the morning, take a swim in the bay then towel off as you head to breakfast on the veranda – and the smell of coffee, fresh Greek bread, yogurt, fruit, and local honey. 

Then the serious stuff begins.  Swimming, playing, reading and resting all day on the beach, with just enough time taken off for lunch.

There is also hiking, biking, snorkeling as well as day trips to other beautiful spots around Ios.

While this Greek villa rental is set off on its own 14 hecter (30 acre) property, it is the closest beach to the village so within twelve minutes down a sometimes bumpy dirt road, you are picking out fresh breads and croissants at the bakery.

We think it is the best of both worlds; sun, complete privacy, breath-taking natural beauty, complete quiet - snorkling or just floating.

Then there is the sunset - right off the beach. We sit on the beach or veranda – a time to recount the day’s activities and share cocktails. As the oil lamps are lit, we sit down to dinner under the stars. After dinner, there is conversation – and more conversation. Days like these are treasures to us. And to string them together for a week or two is a real rest. No televisions, no video games, etc, etc. The perfect greek holiday villa experience - The sea, great food and the only distractions are friends and family – simply the most important things...

Our Villa Hostess - Andrea, does the shopping, cleaning, laundry and sets out some amazing Greek breakfast and lunches.
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