Daily Life


Καλημέρα [kali'mera] - "Good Morning!"

We wake to the sunshine of the morning, take a swim on our private beach then towel off as you head to breakfast on the veranda – the air is filled with the smell of coffee, fresh Greek bread, yogurt, fruit, and local honey.  


Kαλησπέρα [kali'spera] - "Good Afternoon"

Once you have eaten, the day of activities begins; filled with swimming, playing, reading and resting all day on the beach, with just enough time taken off for lunch. Other activities include hiking, biking, snorkeling as well as day trips to other beautiful spots around Ios. 


Καληνύχτα [kali'ni:hta] - "Good Night"

Then there is the sunset, right off the beach. We sit on the beach or veranda; a time to recount the day’s activities and share cocktails. As the oil lamps are lit, we sit down to dinner under the stars. After dinner, there is conversation and then more conversation.  


Days like these are treasures to us. And to string them together for a week or two is a real rest. No televisions, no video games, just quality time with your favorite people, in a beautiful and peaceful place. 

Time spent at Sapounohoma is truly the perfect Greek Villa experience; the crystal blue ocean, great food and friends and family; some of the greatest things life has to offer.  

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